Permanent Makeup in Oklahoma City

Permanent makeup is an excellent alternative for women who want to speed up their morning routine. It also ensures that you look great even during swimming and exercise.

At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates of Oklahoma City, permanent makeup is a safe treatment that can add definition and color to your facial features. It’s similar to traditional makeup, with longer-lasting results.

Enhancement with Micropigmentation

Permanent makeup is like cosmetic tattooing procedure. By placing organic pigments beneath the surface of your skin, our permanent makeup artist is able to enhance facial features like the:

  • eyes
  • eyebrows
  • lips

Permanent makeup options can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, like the tone of your skin, as well as shading and color preferences.

Common Questions About Permanent Makeup

Will I need an anesthetic for permanent makeup?

Most patients do not require an anesthetic for their permanent makeup treatment. If you are nervous about discomfort, however, a topical anesthetic may be offered to you.

How long will the treatment last?

The length of your permanent makeup treatment depends on the area and amount of skin to be treated. In some cases, your permanent makeup procedure may be completed in under 45 minutes. For more involved treatments, the procedure time may last up to two hours.

How is permanent makeup completed?

Permanent makeup is performed in a manner similar to a tattoo. A small handpiece will be used, which contains the appropriate pigments for your treatment. This handpiece houses a very thin needle that will penetrate the outer layers of your skin, placing the pigment where desired. The needle will penetrate your outer layers of skin very rapidly, delivering small amounts of pigment hundreds of times per minute.

How will I feel after permanent makeup?

Following your treatment, you may experience some redness of the skin, but this type of side effect should be minimal and short-lived. A surgical dressing may be applied to the treatment site to aid in healing. For several days after treatment, you may feel the permanent makeup is darker than you anticipated, but it will fade somewhat as your skin heals.

How long does permanent makeup really last?

Despite its name, permanent makeup may not last a lifetime for all patients. Certain factors like sun exposure, age and abrading skin treatments can cause the pigments to fade over time. If you desire touch-up treatments, please contact our practice to maintain your results.

For More Information…

If you’re interested in permanent makeup, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. Please email Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City to find out more. You can also call our practice today at 405-842-6677 to schedule your consultation regarding permanent makeup.