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55-Yr Old OKC Woman Has Facelift, Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery - Gorgeous!!*

Procedure Details

This 55-Yr old woman from Oklahoma City, OK came to Dr. Nuveen seeking facial rejuvenation. Her primary concerns were sagging eyelids, hollowing in some areas of the face, wrinkles that were appearing around the mid-face, as well as irregularities with her overall complexion. Dr. Nuveen studied her face and put together a customized treatment plan that incorporated a mix of surgical and nonsurgical treatments, including an endoscopic brow lift, blepharoplasty, and a mini facelift using the SmartLift technique. Lower eyelid surgery help reduce the appearance of shadows and lines under the eyes, while the brow lift helped to "lift" the brows so that a more awakened appearance could be achieved. Using the SmartLift facelift technique, Dr. Nuveen delicately lifted the patient's mid-face region for a beautiful, natural, subtle result. Nonsurgical measures to improve surface irregularities included a fat transfer to fill in lines and wrinkles, as well as a chemical peel, which provided our patient with a gorgeous, younger looking glow.


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