Breast Reduction in Oklahoma City, OK with Dr. Erik J. Nuveen*

Procedure Details

While in her middle 20's this lady underwent a breast reduction surgery with Dr. Erik J. Nuveen from Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Oklahoma City. She was tired of worrying about her oversized breasts, which were extremely heavy and a nuisance. Because of their excessive size, the nipples pointed downward and the breast sag was severe. This created annoying symptoms, such as back pain and skin irritations, as well as unwanted attention from strangers. Dr. Nuveen performed breast reduction, using advanced liposuction techniques to remove breast tissue, and a bilateral reduction. He then  lifted the breasts so that they now sit higher and firmer on the chest. This surgery gave our patient her life back, allowing her to wear certain clothes and move freely without worry or the headache of her oversized breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you desire to have breast reduction surgery, we invite you to call our Oklahoma City cosmetic surgery office and learn more today. Women do not have to suffer with large, excessively oversized breasts that limit their quality of life. There many advanced techniques to consider, and during your personal consultation, we will create a treatment plan to best fit your body type and overall aesthetic goals.


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