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Tina, 45, Breast Augmentation*

Tina's Story

After having three kids, breastfeeding all three of my kids, and God knows what happens to your body after that. That's when I decided, "You know, I think it's time." A coworker of mine had actually gone through Dr. Nuveen. She was completely happy and satisfied with what she had. They were very professional. They had asked specific questions as to what my goals were, what I wanted to achieve. I live about over two hours away from where the surgical center was at. I had options as to how I was to do this consultation. It was very comfortable because I was able to actually do this in my own home, and email, send pictures, what was requested. The aftercare was also ... It was just like the consultation. They did explain to me what I would be expecting, as far as the after care. What I should be feeling, how I would be feeling. 

As I was going through this, I realized, "Okay, this is what I was told," so I was comfortable with it. I wasn't nervous. I really like the results. It doesn't get in the way of what I do, I'm more proportionate, and that's what I was looking for.

I feel myself, and this was for myself. I feel more comfortable, I feel more proportionate. I'm happy with myself and the way I look. I would definitely recommend this, and I have recommended this` to my sister. She does have an appointment. I had recommended this to my daughter because she has also thought about this.

Dr. Nuveen and his staff have so much information. When you walk in there, they don't talk about, "Well, this is what I'm certified in. This is how much I've done." It wasn't all about that. It was actually he made you feel he was a down-to-earth person. 


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