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26 Yr-Old OKC Man Loves New Nose After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Surgery*

Procedure Details

Unhappy with the shape and size of his nose, this 26-year-old male in Oklahoma City, OK requested a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Erik Nuveen, double board-certified cosmetic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. He trusted Dr. Nuveen's many years of experience and highly regarded reputation for facial and nose surgeries. During the consultation, this patient described his nose as something he really wanted to change so that his facial profile would be more in balance with all of his strong features, such as the nasal bump on bridge of the nose, length of the nose, and no definition to his elongated nostrils. Dr. Nuveen provided this patient with a comprehensive plan to address each issue. After the surgery and recovery, this patient's nose is considerably smaller, with arched nostrils, and a well-defined slope to the nasal bridge.


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