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Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, located in Oklahoma City, is dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic surgery. Triple board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik J. Nuveen and Dr. Courtney J. Caplin are the only physician couple in the country who are also partners. The two are exclusively dedicated to cosmetic surgery but hold doctorates in both dentistry and medicine. Throughout their many years of post-graduate training and education, the two have received numerous honors and awards. Their unique subset of skills and combined education and experience allow the surgeons the ability to view clients from many perspectives using an artistic and personal approach to helping others improve their self-confidence. The Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates team is comprised of 15 extensively trained and certified, caring and experienced nurses and administrators who are proud to thrive in an environment that exudes excellence.

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Our innovative aesthetic solutions range from noninvasive to surgical and are carefully chosen and performed by our skilled staff according to the needs of each individual patient. We are proud to utilize cutting-edge techniques and advanced technologies in order to achieve results that are lasting, beautiful, and natural.

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At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, our goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence so that you can live your best life. We employ the use of cutting-edge, advanced techniques and technologies to ensure your care is top-notch. Our skilled surgeons offer a wide array of common and complex cosmetic surgeries that are personalized to the individual needs of each of our patients. Beginning with a private consultation, you will quickly understand why our practice and team are so widely sought-after.

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Consistent Outcomes

Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin are partners both in work and in life, and the married couple has worked diligently to establish themselves as national and international experts in cosmetic surgery with publications and presentations in international journals and courses. The triple board-certified surgeons provide consistent results with happy patients reflecting the devotion of their careers and lives to the specialty of cosmetic surgery. The doctors opened their private practice in Oklahoma City after nine years of residency training, both medical and dental graduate degrees, and a cosmetic surgery-focused fellowship. Since then, the pair has transformed more than 16,000 patients, resulting in a 99% patient satisfaction rating.



"Sara Kelly is amazing. Talk to her about what you want to achieve and she will come up with solutions that lead to amazing results!"



"I don’t know where to begin. Everyone from the front desk staff, the nurses, to Dr. Caplin have all been extremely pleasant to work with.They worked with me from the very beginning and continue to do so! I’ve texted Dr. Caplin with questions at different times of the day (including after hours) and she always gets back to me in a timely manner, even though I’m sure she’s EXTREMELY busy. I had a breast reduction and not only was I pleased with the customer service, but I’m so happy with my results as well!"



"I had a rhinoplasty in 2007 that left me hesitant to see another doctor about my nose, but Dr. Nuveen & his staff made this process so easy & comfortable. I'm already thrilled with the results (day 1!) They restored my faith in cosmetic surgery. The staff was so friendly and Dr. Nuveen has incredible bedside manner. I didn't know rhinoplasty could go this well. Thank you all so much for everything you do."



"Staff was understanding, & friendly. The doctor explained what was necessary to achieve what I want & how it would be done. Financing is offered if needed. Update: I had complications & needed wound care weekly. I was not happy with my results & verbalized it to my nurse & Dr Nuveen. Dr Nuveen was kind & listened & scheduled a new surgery to help me. At the moment I'm very pleased with the results. I will say they have done everything to make sure I'm happy with my results. I would cautiosously recommend this doctor & facility. Update: it's been 4 months since revision & my 3 month appointment in June. One area of incision is still raised & oozes pus. The reconstructed nipple looks weird. the other nipple points to my arm. Have seen a doctor once during follow-up"



"My first appointment was a consultation. The staff and Dr. showed me the ultimate respect, listened, and made appropriate suggestions. Looking forward to my procedure. I have had a 2nd procedure. The Doctors and staff are great! The are very empathetic. I recommend them very highly."




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Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon to meet your aesthetic goals and aspirations can be difficult. Advanced training, triple board certifications, the quality of education and credentials, as well as years of experience draws the line between a good surgeon and an exceptional one. In addition to all of these qualities and traits, Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin offer patients availability, kindness and compassion, and sincerity at all times. Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin love what they do, and it shows in both their results and the reviews that patients leave behind. We invite you to learn more about our Oklahoma City cosmetic surgery practice.

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