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Surgery OTD: Abdominoplasty

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 01/19/2021

Dr. Nuveen preforms a full tummy tuck with flank lipo on 61 year old patient who is wanting a flatter tummy.


FAQ: Is cosmetic surgery safe?

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 01/15/2021

Dr. Nuveen answers the question that most ask when considering a cosmetic procedure.


FAQ: Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 01/11/2021

Dr. Nuveen touches on one of the most frequently asked questions in Cosmetic Surgery.


A time to be thankful at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates!

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 11/02/2020

‘Tis the season to be thankful. Although 2020 may not be your most favorite year, Dr. Caplin shares some of what she is thankful.


Life is not about where you are, but your trajectory.

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 10/20/2020

Take a journey with Dr. Nuveen’s perceptive on about the present and future.


It's fall y'all and time for you to schedule a chemical peel!

Anne Parker | 10/12/2020

Learn more about chemical peels and how they help your skin


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Wear Pink!!!

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 10/07/2020

Breast cancer is one of the most common concerns for women. Read more about the testing and how results affect those around us!


What skincare products are safer to use during pregnancy?

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 10/02/2020

Learn about Dr. Caplin’s skincare routine during pregnancy.


If perception is Reality, who’s reality do you live in?

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 09/27/2020

Dr. Nuveen shares his expectations from his personal to professional life.


I’m tired of people telling me I look tired! What can I do to look better?

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 09/21/2020

This article provides options for making tired eyes look more youthful.


Life Transformation after a Body Lift Surgery following Weight Loss.

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 09/16/2020

Learn more about one patient’s journey after weight loss.


Welcome to Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, Dr. Andrew Sohn!

Dr. Andrew Sohn | 09/11/2020

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates welcomes Andrew Sohn, DMD, MD to Oklahoma.


Can I afford a life-changing transformation? What are my financing options?

Jayme Preston | 09/01/2020

Explore options for affording surgery. Many possibilities are available.


What is the difference between brown spots, freckles, and Melasma?

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 08/26/2020

Learn about all the different types of hyperpigmentation


Always ask about lasting results and effectiveness of treatment

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 08/21/2020

Many trends have come and gone. Please ask a surgeon about what really works!


Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates continues to grow in Oklahoma City

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 08/18/2020

Changes over the years and growth at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates


Introducing Anne Parker, Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates newest aesthetician!

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 08/12/2020

Meet Anne and learn how you could benefit from a complimentary consultation


How to write a personal statement: for any level of school or training.

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 08/08/2020

Dr. Caplin summarizes what makes a great personal statement


Could there be a Silver Lining with the Corona Virus 19?

Dr. Courtney Caplin | 08/04/2020

Some of the greatest advances have been made have disasters.


Progressive and Transparent during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Erik J. Nuveen | 07/26/2020

What we learn today may change tomorrow. Too much information may not be best.


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