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Could there be a Silver Lining with the Corona Virus 19?

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Often times some of the most tragic events have led to the greatest changes and advances in education, technology, and healthcare.  Many people’s minds might jumped to events like 911, and how much airport security changed after.  In addition, there is no questions that some of the greatest advances in surgery, especially trauma surgery were created out of necessity after wars.  New instruments were created, and the development of new protocols and systems were put into place for not only war-like injuries, but across medicine. Although my heart hurts for all of those negatively affected by the Corona Virus 19, I wonder what advances our society will gain from this tragic pandemic. 

Some of the leading changes that pop in my mind first are the efficiency of communication. Although virtual meetings have existed for years, COVID-19 has certainly enforced the need for them. “Zoom” meetings have become a part of our every day language and new applications such as “House Party” have been created which help friends and family members unite while playing games and seeing each other’s faces. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates has offered virtual consultations for the last 17 years! Yes, Dr. Nuveen first started offering online consultations in 2003.  There is no questions that he was way ahead of his time in doing so.  Without a doubt, Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates was well prepared for social distancing, and recently awarded the number one sales of Allergan breast implants for our 5 state region.   

Offering online and virtual meetings has improved efficiency not only by saving time associated with travel, but also money.  Additionally, more efficient protocols are being developed in travel as well.  Many airlines are now loading the airplane from back to front in order to increase social distancing between passengers so no passengers are standing in the aisle over seated passengers to help decrease spread of disease.  Although the primary goal is for the health and safety of passengers, it makes the most sense to load in this order as passengers are not bumping into each other or stopping and standing in the aisle while loading luggage into an overhead bin holding up the line behind them.

The advances in the decreased spread of disease in and of itself is also impressive. By implementing new protocols not only have we been effective in decreasing the spread of COVID-19 but also the spread of other diseases.  It will be interesting to see how many of these practices will become as commonly regarded as we think of hand washing.  Lastly, I think of the many changes associated with education itself. The process of learning from classroom to online to home schooling. I have heard from many parents how much more efficient they believe they can educate their children, leaving them more time for family time or other hobbies in the day.  However, I have also heard the exasperated pleas of many parents for help in educating their children, the need for daycare for them to go to work, along with pure appreciation for teachers. 

With regard to cosmetic surgery, one of the most noticeable changes has been an uptick in the interest in surgery during this time, as many patients have been able to use the time off and social distancing as perfect excuses for healing and recovery times.  Additionally, with all of the need of for virtual meetings that tend to focus and zoom in on individual’s faces, there has also been a growing interest in facial rejuvenation - both surgical options and  non-invasive using neurotoxins (Botox, Newtox, and Dysport) fillers (Juvederm, Restalyne, and Bellafill) and skin treatments (chemical peels, Vivace microneedline with radiofrequency heat Diamond Glow facials and dermaplaing). Although filters are more readily applied while photoshopping pictures, live video meetings are limited.  Neck surgery (to include liposuction, removing double chins, removal of neck bands, and full neck lifts) have also been very popular as many do not like the unflattering angle that iPads and laptops give them during said virtual meetings. 

My prayers and hope are for a vaccine to emerge as soon as possible, and for this pandemic to be over.  Howe’s we, as we move forward and one day look back at this unprecedented time in our life, it will be interesting to see what we have gained.  With all of the chaos in the world right now, I offer to only shed a glimpse of a sliver lining of what we may achieve from learning from the past. 

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