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Information About Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.

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Average Cost
$3,950 - $5,000

A brow lift can rejuvenate the upper face by lifting droopy eyebrows, tightening saggy skin in the area, as well as diminishing lines and wrinkles.

Cheek augmentation uses injectable fillers to temporarily add volume to hollow cheeks or silicone implants for longer-lasting, youthful contours.

A cheek lift can refresh the face with minimal surgery by raising the mid-face to a higher position and repositioning fat for a youthful appearance.

Chin augmentation enhances a weak chin, improves facial harmony and creates a more distinctive profile through an implant placed in the chin.

Ear surgery, including earlobe repair, address a number of cosmetic ear issues such as misshapen, protruding, disproportionate and damaged ears.

Average Cost
$5,000 - $12,000

Renuvion treatments with J-Plasma can address skin laxity and skin imperfections to help our patients achieve tighter, younger-looking skin.

An eyelid lift can correct the upper and/or lower eyelids by removing excessive skin and tissue to treat bags and saggy skin for a freshened look.

A facelift rejuvenates the face by removing excess, sagging skin and tissue, then tightening the skin and muscles for a smooth, youthful appearance.

Lip augmentation enhances the size and shape of the upper and/or lower lip through dermal fillers.

Lip augmentation enhances the size and shape of the upper and/or lower lip through dermal fillers (nonsurgical).

With a neck lift, abundant fat and skin are removed from sagging necks to transform drooping jowls and neck folds for a more youthful, toned look.

Neck liposuction removes abundant fat solely from the neck and chin area to reduce the appearance of a double chin and provide an improved profile.

Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery where the nose can be repaired for aesthetic or medical purposes by manipulating bone, tissue, and cartilage.

Revision rhinoplasty is performed to complete the second stage of a nose surgery or to correct concerns and problems from the primary nose surgery.

An ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons that does not remove or distort the patient’s cultural identity.

Septoplasty surgically corrects and aligns the nasal septum to improve the flow of air, which helps the patients to breathe easier.

The SmartLift, pioneered by Dr. Nuveen, is a facial surgery developed for patients that desire facelift treatment, but do not require a full facelift.

With breast augmentation surgery, saline or silicone breast implants are inserted into the natural breasts to increase volume and enhance shape.

To improve the shape, contour, and position of the breasts, a breast augmentation with a lift adds implants while removing excess skin.

Breast asymmetry is a term used to describe breasts that are uneven in size and shape, which can be corrected with breast

A breast lift can transform sagging breasts by lifting them into a higher position on the chest wall to restore a more youthful, perky look.

Breast reduction surgery reshapes and repositions overly large breasts to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as to improve a woman’s appearance.

Breast revision surgery is designed to repair, replace, or remove previously installed breast implants that do not look or function as intended.

After weight loss surgery involves a variety of surgeries that contour the body following significant weight loss through skin removal and tightening.

Saggy upper arm skin due to weight loss or aging can be removed and transformed through an arm lift, which leaves arms more toned and proportionate.

Body contouring consists of a number of procedures, which removes, tightens and lifts skin in order to produce a smoother, more toned appearance.

To achieve a fuller, rounder butt, a Brazilian butt lift uses a patient’s own fat, which is injected into the buttocks to supply additional volume.

Butt augmentation surgically adds silicone implants or uses autologous fat transfer to enhance the volume, shape, and projection of the buttocks.

Butt lift surgery, or gluteoplasty, removes excess skin from the buttocks and raises the position of the tissue for a tighter, firmer appearance.

Fat grafting is a procedure which involves taking fat from one part of the body to be redistributed to another part where volume is insufficient.

While gynecomastia can cause males to have feminine-looking chests, male breast reduction surgery can effectively provide a more masculine look.

Liposuction removes the unwanted fat beneath the skin’s surface that has been resistant to diet and exercise to produce a slimmer, smoother physique.

Revision or secondary liposuction corrects the results of a previous liposuction surgery to smooth the patient's contours and remove irregularities.

A one-stage body lift combines a tummy tuck and butt lift to remove saggy skin, tighten the remaining skin, and contour the area for a tauter look.

A mini tummy tuck (or modified abdominoplasty) is a quicker, less invasive surgery for patients who want treatment for the lower abdominal area.

To restore her body post-pregnancy, a woman can opt to have the mommy makeover, a variety of procedures designed to tighten and lift the body.

The upper thighs can be transformed through a thigh lift, which removes excessively saggy skin and tightens the remaining skin to contour the area.

A tummy tuck creates a flatter stomach by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles, as well as reducing stretch marks.

An upper body lift addresses the unique needs of the patient to remove excess skin from the arms, upper back, and/or breasts for a tighter appearance.

BOTOX, a prescription drug, temporarily paralyzes the muscles underneath the skin that are responsible for wrinkling to erase lines and wrinkles.

Chemical peels repair cosmetic issues through the application of a topical acid, which peels off damaged, unhealthy skin to generate skin regrowth.

Dermabrasion is a semi-aggressive skin rejuvenation treatment that removes damaged layers of skin to stimulate collagen production and skin renewal.

Dysport, an injectable prescription muscle relaxer, effectively treats facial lines and wrinkles around the eyebrows, referred to as frown lines.

An injectable wrinkle filler decreases lines and wrinkles on the face by adding temporary volume and lift for a softer, more youthful appearance.

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is most commonly used to treat pigmentation issues by using intense light to break up areas of hyperpigmentation.

Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that effectively treats the nasolabial folds, the lines that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth.

Laser hair removal uses the highly concentrated and intense light from laser technology to permanently reduce or eliminate hair all over the body.

With laser skin resurfacing, the laser’s heat damages the skin to initiate skin growth and regeneration to produce younger, healthier-looking skin.

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription used to grow longer, fuller, darker eyelashes in patients with inadequate lashes in as little as a few weeks.

A liquid facelift combines noninvasive treatments, like injectable dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and fat transfers to address signs of face aging.

Radiesse, a gel dermal filler, is used to treat moderate to severe lines and folds around the nose and mouth and can also restore lost volume.

Restylane, a dermal filler, diminishes moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, while Silk is used as a lip enhancer and to treat lip lines.

Sculptra is a dermal filler that is used to correct and fill in volume loss deficiencies of the face by stimulating long-term collagen production.

Part of the Juvéderm family, Voluma is a dermal filler that replenishes hollow cheeks, as well as provide additional contouring to deflated cheeks.

Xeomin is an injectable wrinkle relaxer like BOTOX that is used to correct dynamic facial wrinkles by smoothing the underlying muscles that contract.

Average Cost
$800 - $1,200

RF Microneedling with Vivace RF blends the effectiveness of microneedling with the power of RF energy to create firmer, softer, younger-looking skin.

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is highly skilled in the performance of gender reaffirming surgeries to help area individuals complete their transitions.

Male to Female (MTF) body contouring surgery uses silicone implants or a fat transfer to build a more feminine shape in the hips and buttocks.

Breast augmentation can create a feminine chest and appearance during the Male to Female (MTF) transition using silicone or saline breast implants.

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) alters the features of the face to create a more feminine look by reducing the jaw, chin, nose, brow, and more.

A tracheal shave (chondrolaryngoplasty) removes the excess cartilage from the throat that creates the prominent bulge known as the Adam’s apple.

Female to Male (FTM) top surgery removes the breast tissue and excess skin before recontouring the chest into a more masculine contour and appearance.

FTM (Female to Male) body contouring surgery combines chest and body contouring to give a more masculine appearance with liposuction and fat transfer.

Facial Masculinization Surgery (FMS) is a group of facial plastic surgeries that are designed to help during the Female to Male (FTM) transition.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.