Female to Male Top Surgery*

Procedure Details

This 46 year old patient came to visit Oklahoma City cosmetic surgeon and TOP surgery doctor, Dr. Courtney Caplin, to remove the female glands with the goal of having a more masculine chest appearance. Patients in various transitioning stages from Female-to-Male (FTM) who come to Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates will often address their breasts as one of the main issues that would help them feel more masculine. Dr. Caplin is a seasoned surgeon in the area of transgender surgery and performed the breast removal using a bilateral mastectomy approach, which removed the breast tissue and excess skin, while repositioning and reconstructing the nipple to provide a nice shape and size. While this surgical technique does require a longer incision, it heals nicely and eventually fades over time, leaving the male contour appearance our patient so desired to have. TOP surgery is becoming more prevalent as cosmetic surgery techniques continue to advance and become readily available. Both our patient and Dr. Caplin were extremely happy with the results . The patient has voiced that he can now wear certain shirts without feeling anxious and without dealing with the everyday inconvenience of wearing a binder


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