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FAQ| Botox or Dysport? | Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

In this video Dr. Caplin is explaining the difference's between Botox and Dysport. 

BOTOX or Dysport?

I like both Botox and Dysport. I'll be honest in saying that I use a lot more Botox than Dysport because of the brand recognition. A lot of people come in asking about it. 

But I tell people it's like Pepsi and Coke. They're both great products, they both work. If one were ever more affordable, I probably would chose that one. 

Botox tends to kick in in about a week, and it lasts about three months. Dysport actually kicks in a few days sooner, but it still lasts about the same amount of time. But they're both great products, I have no problem using either one.


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