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FAQ| Breast Implant Types | Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

Dr. Nuveen is talking about the different types of breast implants.

Breast Implant Types

All right, breast augmentation is by far the most frequently performed procedure in our facility. I personally have performed over 8,000 breast augmentation surgeries, which means that we are filling up something that's empty. That's essentially what a breast implant does. 

Breast implants come in various forms. There are salines, silicone, and the newest cohesive gel implant, or what is commonly referred to as the gummy bear. There are advantages and disadvantages of each, but ultimately, the saline implant is the least expensive alternative to fill things up, but it does have rippling and a chance of deflation.

If we look at the silicone gel implants, they have a much better longevity, and less frequent re-operations. They do have less rippling, but they are slightly more expensive. And they do have a higher capsular contraction rate, or scar tissue formation rate, that occurs around implants. 

So the manufacturer struggled with these things for years and came up with an alternative, which includes the highly cohesive gel implant. It's very thick and has much less rippling, but it's also been associated with a significant reduction in scar tissue formation, most likely due to the fact that the molecules are very big, and so it's much more dense. And so the body doesn't react as much to this implant as it does to a silicone gel implant.

The surgery itself is about a 35-minute procedure. Getting a person ready and waking them up and getting them ready to go home often adds up to about an hour and a half worth of time. And revision rates are extremely low with this procedure, and even better, satisfaction is in the high 99 percentile. Thank you. 


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