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Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates continues to grow in Oklahoma City

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Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates was founded in 2003 and remains at its same Oklahoma City location today. A humble start began with 4 employees, no website and a single telephone line. Today, we are 3 surgeons (Dr. Courtney Caplin, Dr. Erik Nuveen, and Dr. Andrew Sohn) 27 team members strong with 12 phone lines and a website that gets more than 19,000 visits per month! We are unquestionably the largest practice of cosmetic surgery in the region of the United States. The stuff that dreams are made of!

I am often asked how I ended up in Oklahoma City. After the completion of 14 years of graduate and post graduate education and training, my first trip to Oklahoma City included 3 hours crouched in a storm shelter, and the rest is history! My dream of being of great value to to improving the standard of care in this region of the country could best be realized here. There was only one other fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon in the state of Oklahoma at the time, and only 4 today!

Our newest team members are a perfect continuation of this devotion to excel. They are Jamie Stokes, APRN and Jody Kirk, APRN. An advanced practice registered nurse is an independently licensed and autonomous clinician that is capable of bringing the highest level of care to more patients in the limited hours per day we all have. These valuable team members are often referred to as mid-level providers in many health care arenas. We at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, have chosen their participation in patient care in order to further elevate the standard of care within the field of cosmetic surgery in our region of the United States. Plain and simple; do the right thing for others and prosperity will follow.

In 2003, when I came to Oklahoma to begin my practice, I flew into the old “World Airport” that was about to be torn down. The streets were in disrepair and the downtown was bleak and desolate. Throughout my week long stay, I consistently heard of positive comments regarding the direction of the city and I witnessed the generosity of its people. Fast forward 18 years and the vision and energy of the people have clearly triumphed. The Morrow Building bombing in 1995, the World Trade Center attack in 2001, the housing crisis of 2008 and the oil bust of 2019 (ongoing) and now Covid-19, is nearly too much to imagine. Compared to many cities in the United States, Oklahoma City has remained consistent in its direction of growth and expansion throughout the last 35 years.

Why is it that this region of the United States produces such a disproportionate number of college and Olympic athletes? Why is it that our recent history has been so overwhelmingly positive, both physically and economically? Because the people of this region take responsibility for themselves, their actions and their futures. They wear their energy and emotions on their sleeves. They give each day their all and leave nothing to chance. We have faith; faith in knowing we are doing what is best for others. That our actions speak for our hearts and our minds. It is very clear that overbearing regulation and unjustified oversight are not necessary to do what is right for others. We are charitable and don't need to be forced to do so. We are diverse, honest and strong.

At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, we pride ourselves in not only providing excellence in all surgical care- from body lifts and tummy tucks to facelifts and breast implants for our patients, but also contributing to the education of others. Through presentations, lectures, publications and book chapters, and resident training, we are constantly giving back and contributing to the advancement of our specialty nationally and internationally. Thank you, Oklahoma!

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