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FAQ | Massive Weight Loss Patients | Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

In this video Dr. Nuveen is talking about the procedures we perform for massive weight loss patients.

Massive Weight Loss

All right, our topic today is a massive weight loss patient. And this area of cosmetic surgery has probably been the highest growth over the last 10 years. Our practice is relatively famous for the fact that we have done more outpatient or sending people home after massive weight loss surgery than just about anyone in the world. And so we're very proud of that because we've developed a consistent and safe technique that minimizes complications and improves results because of the volume of patients that we have performed these surgeries on. 

There's a list of things that occur when a person loses a great deal of weight, and typically you might imagine it involves extreme skin looseness or laxity, loss of elasticity, and things start to drift or slide down the torso because, although they are still attached, the ligamentous attachments stretch, and so the breast falls, the hips fall, even the groin, the knees and thighs all slide, and as a result, people don't like that appearance and they want to do whatever it takes to elevate them. 

The list of procedures provided generally are body lifts, and a body lift involves circumferentially, you're going totally around the body with or without a midline incision. When we need to do a midline incision is when a person has such looseness that we need to bring it almost like a suit vest or a jacket around the sides, not only vertically, but also around the sides circumferentially. 

And then there are procedures that involve breast lifting and then combinations of upper body lifting that include arms, an incision down your arm into the axilla, and then running into the breast, and also what's called a reverse abdominoplasty, where we actually lift the torso skin up and reattach it to a higher position. And we're very experienced in that particular combination of surgery. 

And then finally, the other areas are thigh lifts where the inner thigh or the outer thigh need to be lifted, and then also face and neck procedures, because some people get very gaunt or thin in the cheek, as well as the skin and sail or the emptiness of the neck, the gobbler. 

Those areas really compromise almost a total body rejuvenation that we perform in patients with massive weight loss. 



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