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Ken, 68, Face Lift, Blepharoplasty*

Ken's Story

I've had several compliments, and people ask, "What did you do?!" I don't think they noticed right off, but after they looked at me for a little bit, they thought, "There's something different about Ken." Our decision to have cosmetic surgery was kind of a joint process between my wife and I. We noticed that our necks were drooping, and we felt that was what made us look older than we probably were. So we contacted Mandy and she hooked us up with Dr. Nuveen and set an appointment. I also had droopy eyelids, and that was something that I wanted to take care of too. It's kind of a hereditary thing. My dad had it done, and so that's really the decision that we came to.

The consultation was extremely informative. Dr. Nuveen went over all the ins and outs of the surgery, and he explained everything in detail to what he was going to do and what he anticipated the results would be, which were very positive.

The results for me and my wife were above expectations. In other words, they were just incredible. And the care was just unbelievable. The staff was so attentive, it was unbelievable, and the result was extremely satisfying.

I can't speak for every man. I know for me, I grew up in a household, my dad kind of set the standard for dressing and looking and appearance. So consequently, I followed that. I think that if a man looks in a mirror and doesn't like what he sees, I think he should go have a consultation at least to see exactly what can be done and what the results will be. I think this program that you set up to interview people that have gone through the surgery for whatever reason and for whatever surgery that they have is outstanding, and I think this program, what it does is it opens up the fact that my age group, the Baby Boomers have worked all their life, so why not improve their appearance through some help?

You know, Dr. Nuveen is a real caring individual. From the first time you meet him, you can tell the guy is just genuinely involved in what he does. He's totally committed to helping people's lives and in turn, that comes to people, and they feel the same thing. The whole procedure for me was just pain-free and an outstanding experience.


*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.