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Many women are familiar with the concept of giving 100% to your families. Often women elect to put career and other goals to the rear as they devote their lives to family and children. Accompanying this is emotional and most difficult of life's challenges is physical change; loss of breast fullness, breast droop and loss of femininity and sexual appeal are frequently cited as reasons to consider corrective surgery.

The procedure of simultaneous breast lift with augmentation is performed most commonly in our state of the art AAAHC accredited Surgery Facility at 2100 NW 63rd St in approximately 75 minutes. The procedure is an outpatient basis, and all patients can go home after this procedure often performed under intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. Although patients are always "asleep" during the procedure, this techniques has been proven to be safer and provide less nausea and complications than general anesthesia. 

All incisions are sealed with skin glue and their is no need for maintenance during the after surgery period. The final outcome may not be fully achieved for 12 months, but happiness is almost always found within a few days of surgery.


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