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Dr. Erik J. Nuveen - Breast Augmentation with Lift in Oklahoma City, OK*

Procedure Details

While in her younger 30's this patient underwent a Breast Augmentation with a Lift with Dr. Erik J. Nuveen. She felt self conscious because of her lack of breast shape and volume, and also felt her sagging breasts held her back from doing the things she enjoyed, as well as wearing certain clothing. She hoped that a breast lift would improve the sagging, and that breast implants would enhance them for a more fuller, more contoured appearance. After her surgery, she told us how excited she is with her new breast shape and can't wait to wear clothing she wasn't able to wear before her surgery.

Get Younger Looking Breasts!

Oklahoma City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Erik Nuveen, creates gorgeous results for women needing breast lift surgery. Using the latest techniques associated with plastic surgery, sagging and deflated breasts can be corrected to look younger, tighter, and more contoured. We invite you to call our OKC cosmetic surgery office and schedule your consutation to see if this is the right surgery for you.


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