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“All About that Bass” - learn how to enhance your booty!

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At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, our practice provides appearance based surgeries and without a doubt one of the fastest growing (pun intended) areas of request is butt augmentation.  With the influence of music and culture bringing awareness to the butt, I thought it only appropriate to include some references in this article....I hope you enjoy. To start, I find it interesting that the patients inquiring about “My Humps” are not just for “my lovely lady lumps” anymore, as more and more men are seeking to augment their rears as well.  

When a patient comes to a consult interested in becoming more “Bootylicious,” one of the first questions I ask all of my patients at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is “What are your goals?”  Understanding if the patient is wanting to fill out a few small areas of cellulite, slightly alter his or her shape, or wanting a substantial increase in size is of utmost importance.  The shape of the buttocks varies considerably among cultures and individuals.  Shapes can be round, square, heart-shaped, and the list goes on for how you like to “shake your booty.”  During consultations I take time to understand what shape the patient desires in order to offer the best treatment options. I will often even draw on my patients, so they can look in the mirror and agree or comment as to where they would like to increase their fullness when they “drop it like its hot.”  Evaluating the patient’s own body composition is also necessary, checking to see if the patient has fat to be contoured,  and keeping in mind that it is not always what is added but what you take away.  Finally, the patient’s skin laxity must be addressed.  If the patient has lost a substantial amount of weight and now has loose skin, sometimes excising the loose skin will make the buttocks appear more full.  

After fully evaluating the patient and determining the goals and diagnosing what the patient’s concerns are, we can begin to nodiscuss treatment options. One of the most common requests is for a Brazilian Butt Lift. A BBL involves performing liposuction in other areas, typically abdomen, waist, and flanks, and then transferring that fat to the buttocks. In essence, a BBL rearranges your own inventory so you get “all the right junk in all the right places.”  What is nice is that you can sculpt and contour with this procedure.  By removing fat from the small of the back, the buttocks will appear larger without even injecting it by comparison alone.  Then when the fat is transferred, “baby got back.”  

A BBL is very different from a butt lift. A butt lift can be performed alone or in conjunction with a tummy tuck as part of a full lower body lift.  This involves removing the excess skin, essentially like picking up your pants, to “back that A** up” to where it used to be.  The trade off is a longer scar that although it is a thin line, travels across the lower back just superior to the buttocks.  The resulting effect is that the buttocks is lifted and tighter and therefore appears fuller so you can rock “Dem apple Bottom jeans and the boots with the fur.”

If a patient is desiring a larger rear, but does not have any fat to transfer, two other options exist: buttock implants, and Sculptra injections.   Although buttock implants come in many different shapes and sizes, I prefer the round solid silicone implants.  And if you “really like big butts, and can not lie” using an implant can create the biggest change in volume at one time, especially if used in conjunction with fat transfer.  The surgery is fairly quick, last 30-45 min.  That being said, the recovery is usually the longest but my patients say its worth it because “fat bottom girls, you make the rocking world go round.”  In preparation, I do tell my patient’s regularly that  butt implants are a pain in the butt! The reason why is that I place the implants inside the muscle. Options exist to place the implant above, below, or within the muscle.  Placing the implant below the muscle increases the risk of nerve injury, and placing it above increase the risk of seeing and feeling the implant and also collecting fluid called a seroma.  In order to minimize these risks, I place the implant within the muscle.  The drawback is that the muscle has to stretch and spasms while healing which can be quite uncomfortable for several weeks until the muscle heals. 

An alternative to using  implants or fat to get your “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” is to inject Sculptra.  Sculptra is made of poly-L lactic acid which is a collagen stimulant creating your own “dumps like a truck” and “thighs like what” over a period of several weeks.  This treatment is then repeated as many times as desired by the patient to get to his or her goal size, averaging 3 treatments.  One of the greatest advantages to injecting Sculptra is that it can be customized to the exact location that is desired changing both shape and size.

If you still have questions about what option may be best for you, Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates offers complimentary consultations where you can discuss any and all of your queastions and concerns. I hope you have enjoyed the musical references as this was particularly fun to write.

Thanks to KC and the sunshine band, Trace Adkins, Meghan Trainor, Sir Mix A Lot, Sisqo, Destiny’s Child, Queen, Juvenile, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg.

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