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Breast Implant Sizes - How Do I Know Which Size Is Right For Me?

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Breast Augmentation in a Nut Shell

Let's discuss Breast Augmentation, also known as a "boob job".  This cosmetic/plastic surgery is a procedure done to enhance the natural breast size. It is primarily done through an incision in the inframammary crease (crease under the breasts); it can also be done trans-axillary (through the armpit) or peri-areolar (incision around the areola).

The ideal position of implant placement is sub-pectoral (under the muscle), but in some cases it is placed sub-fascial (above the muscle). There are many factors that go in to determining how the procedure is done. 

For example, if a patient is on the cusp of needing a breast lift, but they could achieve their goals with doing breast augmentation alone, sometimes the implant placement and implant size is altered. This shows that every consultation is different, and the treatment plan is catered and altered by our cosmetic surgeons to fit the patient's body habitus to meet their goals. We never want to do more surgery than necessary, but we know that each and every person is different.

Breast Implant Types

In our office we offer the following implant types - saline, regular silicone, and cohesive silicone (Soft Touch and Gummy Bear). The best and most popular implants we offer at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates are the Soft Touch and Gummy Bear implants. 

Like the others, they are circular shaped implants, but they are significantly more dense and firm. This prevents excessive implant rippling and allows them to hold their shape better, giving patients the perky appearance they desire. Plus, they have a significantly decreased rate of scar tissue formation and reoperation! WIN!

Breast Implant Sizes & a Look into the Consultation Process

A thorough exam is performed to evaluate breast tissue thickness/density and current size and breast shape. Then, we determine whether or not a breast lift is needed. This is especially common with weight loss and pregnancy/breastfeeding. If goals can be achieved with augmentation alone, we get to try on implant sizes! If a breast lift is needed, unfortunately there are too many moving parts and you can't. In that case, our surgeons will choose your implant size with and for you. 

The two major questions asked during a consultation are "What is your current bra cup size?" and "What is your desired cup size?" We choose between smaller implants and large implants.  Implants are not made by cup size, instead by cc's.  To increase by one cup size, 100-200cc is usually needed depending on a person's height and weight. For example, 450cc implants could be a full D cup on one person, or it could be a small C cup on another. 

If you are hesitant to choose breast implant sizes, you can take comfort in trusting our triple board certified plastic surgeons to help you with your decision. With years of experience, they are able to determine exactly what size is needed for your body's size and shape to achieve your goals!

Come to CSA in OKC for your consultation!

As Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we provide both in person and online consultations. Our office does the highest number of Breast Augmentations in the surrounding area. Due to our high volumes, we act as the local storage space for our breast implant company. This means we have all sizes available at all times. Dr. Caplin references the similarity to a shoe store when she tells her surgical staff to go to the back and "grab a size 6". It's a little more like a size 600, but you get the point! ;)


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