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Can I afford a life-changing transformation? What are my financing options?

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Can I afford a Transformation?

Our patients come to Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates with incredible determination to transform their lives. Their concerns range from breast emptiness, to skin excess after weight loss, facial differences, and more. The importance of these concerns can only be measured by the patient themselves. To all patients, they are motivated by the possibility of correcting what they see as a significant problem. Can they afford the cost of the transformation they so strongly desire? This barrier is one of the most important processes we face in ensuring the desired transformation. 

Jayme Preston is our Patient Satisfaction Team Leader, and she is responsible to assist our patients in the process of affording our care. She has many years of experience in the field of personal finance and she is devoted to securing your goals through the most ethical and affordable means possible. Financing options based upon your personal credit history, length of term and interest rates. Everyone situation is different just as their physical goals and transformations are unique! This process should not be embarrassing, confusing. Jayme will be your personal financial coach in establishing a budget and finding the best available, and least expensive, financing options should you choose financing. If a healthy financial conclusion cannot be reached immediately, a longterm plan can be arranged with her guidance to ensure your successful journey as our patient.

Many financing options currently exist and are constantly changing as more become available to the full range of credit worthy applicants. Care Credit is one of the nations most well known and popular immediate credit options.  They offer a range of options for financing cosmetic surgery, including 0% APR for up to 24 months with approved credit. Jayme can also give some pointers on the best fit for you or guide thinking outside of the box with you. Other low interest options include using your current personal or business bank for a home equity line of credit or personal loan. This may establish better credit and often is more readily approved that unsecured loans.

Healthcare financing rates are typically slightly higher due to it being an unsecured loan. A soft credit inquiry does not effect your credit score.  Often times  patients prefer to use their own credit unions for a competitive rate or even borrow against 401k so they pay themselves back. There are so many options available! We even have third party lenders that offer special financing for patients who are building or rebuilding their credit history. 

At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, we value your choices and will be happy to provide you a thorough review of your financial options when considering how to pay for your surgery, whether a breast augmentation, facelift, or body lift!

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