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FAQ: Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

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The best candidate for cosmetic surgery is a person with sound mind, body and finances. A competent adult who has been properly educated about the risks, benefits and alternatives of surgery must undergo an informed consent process. This process involves education that may come from many forms. The internet may be one of them. The surgery center and its providers may be the best source of direct answers to questions you might have about the planned procedures, the expected recovery and potential complications.

The ideal candidate for surgery is not only completely healthy, without medications and without illness, but also surrounded by a supportive environment at home. After a thorough review of your past and current medical history, some additional tests and verifications with consultants may be necessary to ensure your optimal safety for a chose procedure. The psychological course of recovery is typically routine, but can involve a wide spectrum of emotional turmoil, from mania to depression, from guilt to irrational decision making. During the period of the first two weeks, it is ideal to have direct and immediate access to your medical team, in order to address medical and psychological concerns that may result during the recovery process. Most do not mention the next area of concern; finances. Patients are choosing to have elective surgery. They are often paying significant sums of money and a significant portion of their annual incomes for our care. Why? Because it is worth it! 99% of all patients who elect to have cosmetic surgery with us tell others they wish they had done it sooner. But this does not alleviate us from the moral and ethical obligations to ensure our patients are making the best and most timely decisions for themselves. We discuss the various options for payment in great detail and ensure our patients are making the best choice, not only for their surgical care but for their financial health.

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