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FAQ: How long is the recovery period after cosmetic surgery ?

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Recovery times after cosmetic surgery vary by the surgery and by each patient. Specific recovery times for each individual can be discussed during a consultation or pre-operative appointment. Generally, breast surgeries can recover over a long weekend (3-5 days), and body surgeries 7-10 days. Facial surgeries are unique in that patients often feel better before they look better. Therefore, timing may be specific as to when a person would want to be seen by others. In general, once a patient is off pain medication, he or she can do things that require thinking such as driving or desk work. At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, we generally recommend taking it easy the first week after surgery in order to prevent unnecessary increases in heart rate or blood pressure that could potentially lead to bleeding. Starting the second week, we generally recommend listening to your body and easing back into normal activities, and most patients get the “green light” for almost all activities around 4 weeks after surgery.

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