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FAQs About Breast Augmentation

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your breasts, then breast augmentation could be right for you. During breast augmentation surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will use implants to change the shape of your breasts or enhance the size. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, the first step is to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate. Here are the answers to some questions that are likely to be on your mind.

Who is a good candidate for a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentations are popular procedures and have a long track record of safety. Most women who want to change the size or shape of their breasts can have the surgery. Before your procedure, your surgeon will perform an exam and medical history to make sure you don’t have any issues that could interfere with the surgery or your recovery.

If you want to change the position of your breasts, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend a breast lift instead of an augmentation. For women who are displeased with both the size and position of their breasts, it may be possible to combine an augmentation and lift into a single procedure.

What kinds of implants are used during an augmentation?

Breast implants are silicone or saline. Silicone implants are the most popular choice, because many women find them to be more natural. They are available in a number of different sizes and shapes. Saline implants are filled with salt water. Women like these implants because they are affordable, but in some cases, the implants will ripple if the skin around the breasts is thin. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you select the right type of implant for you.

What size will I be after surgery?

Your cosmetic surgeon will help you select the right size for your frame and your treatment goals. You can use trial implants placed in a bra to see how different sizes would look on your body.

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