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Get Rid of Puffy-Looking Eyes with an Eyelid Lift

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Are you tired of dealing with baggy eyes? Puffy eyes can make us appear tired or run down, even after a full night of sleep. When drugstore creams and other products fail to remedy the issue, an eyelid lift at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates may be the answer. Triple board-certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin remove excess skin and fat deposits to reveal a more youthful, alert look.

Anyone interested in eyelid lift surgery should call our Oklahoma City, OK location to book a private consultation with one of our surgeons. We are committed to helping countless patients look and feel like the best version of themselves.

What causes puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes are caused by many factors. As we get older, our skin loses some elasticity, and our muscles weaken, leading to sagging in the mid-face. Genetics also plays a role, as many people are prone to excess fat under the eyes. Additionally, lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep, dehydration, and excessive alcohol or salt intake can contribute to puffiness.

Over-the-counter creams and eye masks are popular remedies for baggy eyes, but these only provide temporary relief. One of the only ways to truly address the issue is through surgery.

What is an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is an aesthetic procedure that targets the upper and lower eyelids. Surgery involves removing excess skin and fat while tightening the underlying tissues to create a smoother and more youthful look. Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin use advanced techniques to ensure natural-looking results.

How is an eyelid lift performed?

An eyelid lift at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is performed with general anesthesia. It takes 1 – 2 hours to complete the procedure on average. Though patients experience some swelling and bruising after surgery, most are able to resume normal activities within a short period. We can prescribe medication to manage any discomfort.

Am I a good candidate for an eyelid lift?

If you are in good overall health and bothered by puffy eyes or excess skin on the upper or lower eyelids, you may be a good candidate for an eyelid lift in Oklahoma City, OK. However, it is important to have realistic expectations about your outcomes. During a private consultation, Dr. Nuveen or Dr. Caplin will evaluate your medical history, discuss your concerns, and determine your candidacy.

In addition to blepharoplasty, there are other surgical and nonsurgical options available to address puffiness around the eyes. Our experienced team at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates can help you choose the best possible treatment plan for your specific needs and goals.

What about scarring?

As with any surgery, scarring is a natural part of the healing process. However, Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin are highly skilled at placing incisions in discreet locations to minimize the appearance of scarring. In most cases, scars will be hidden within the natural creases or folds of the eyelids. Our patients say that the results of their eyelid lift far outweigh any potential scars.

Say goodbye to tired-looking, baggy eyes

There is no need to continue feeling self-conscious about your puffy eyes. An eyelid lift at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates can help you achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated look. With our knowledgeable team of surgeons and personalized treatment plans, you can trust triple board-certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin to provide natural-looking outcomes that help boost your appearance and confidence. Don't hesitate to contact us in Oklahoma City, OK to schedule a blepharoplasty consultation and take the first step today.

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