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How Many Sizes Can I Drop With Mommy Makeover Surgery?

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It's no surprise that the mommy makeover is one of the most popular surgeries for women post-delivery. A mommy makeover is a combination of skin tightening and fat removal procedures designed to address areas affected by pregnancy and nursing. The idea is to give moms their pre-pregnancy appearance back so they can feel more confident about themselves.

It's important to educate yourself on what goes into a mommy makeover and how it will affect you as an individual. Triple board-certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik Nuveen, Dr. Courtney Caplin and Dr. Taylor Jung can provide information about what to expect in terms of results, including how many sizes you may drop. Call Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, OK, or read some of our most common FAQ below.

How does a mommy makeover work?

During a mommy makeover, cosmetic surgeons restore your pre-pregnancy shape and size by performing a personalized set of procedures that most commonly combine breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck with flank liposuction. For example, breast implants can restore breast volume and projection that's often lost during breastfeeding. A tummy tuck can perform skin tightening around the midsection to give you a flatter, firmer belly. Many women also include liposuction for fat removal from problem areas, like the flanks and thighs.

Patients can choose any one or more procedures based on their aesthetic goals, which would related to restoration of the pre-pregnancy form. So, if you want to reduce your waist size after childbirth, speak with a member of our team at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. We'll help you plan the best treatment approach for your situation.

How many sizes will I lose?

The number of sizes you'll drop depends on several factors, including your original starting point, the mommy makeover procedures chosen, and end goals. Some women can expect to go down one or two sizes after skin tightening and fat removal, while others may drop more. Keep in mind that Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin focus more on patient safety and comfort than trying to achieve unrealistic results or specific pant sizes. However, our team does work hard to make sure you're happy with your outcomes.

Here's what you can expect after undergoing a mommy makeover at our clinic in Oklahoma City:

  • Perkier breasts with less drooping or sagging

  • A firmer and smoother stomach area

  • A smaller waistline

  • Softer hips and thighs

How can I maintain mommy makeover results?

A mommy makeover has helped countless women feel better when wearing bathing suits, shorts, leggings, dresses, and form-fitting clothes for the first time since having children. While our procedures can provide dramatic and gorgeous results, it's not a one-time fix if you gain weight and dont take care of your investment. You'll need to follow our advice on how to care for your body after cosmetic surgery. It is exciting to know that women who undergo surgery and much more successful at maintaining their weight than those who do not have surgery!

So, how can you maintain your slimmer size? A regular diet and exercise plan is an excellent way to maintain your weight. It's also important to follow our post-surgery instructions to reduce your risk of complications. You should also inform our staff if you plan on having more children in the future. We may recommend that you complete your family before undergoing any procedures.

Lose one or more sizes with cosmetic surgery

Ready to get started on the body of your dreams? Cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and we want to make sure you're comfortable with your options before moving forward. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates offers a wide range of procedures designed to assess your aesthetic needs and goals. Dr. Erik Nuveen, Dr. Courtney Caplin and Dr. Taylor Jung can help you get started on your mommy makeover journey in Oklahoma City, OK. Call our office to schedule a consultation and discuss what's right for you.

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