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Life is not about where you are, but your trajectory.

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Life is not about where you are, but your trajectory.

There are societal cliche’s in regard to generational thinking. I will begin by saying that any cliche is, by its exact nature and definition, discriminatory to some marginalized group. So, in fact, someone will be offended by the stereotype it seeks to identify. Regardless, in our system of higher thinking and evolutionary advancement of mankind, we seem to favor discussion or rumination about generational values and performance. As an individualist, i am offended by the sheer thought of generalizations, as I have always and will always seek to be outside the average. I have never been concerned with the efforts of others to limit me, my contributions or my achievements and I realize that limits are not a result of those around me. My personal limits are a result of never thinking about where I am, but where I am headed. As a result of never being in the now, I can focus exclusively on where I am going and how to get there. I must admit that it is exhausting at times. While I don't really know, I suspect that others wile away the time, relaxing with a glass of wine while alfresco dinning on the back of a yacht, often thinking of “sleeping in” on an off day and the relaxing days to come, I do not. I am consumed with the future. How to make things more efficient, how to prepare for trouble, escape problems, anticipate and manage difficulties and to think outside the box in creating a new paradigm for all future generations. To some, this might be insanity, to me, it is my life’s motivation and the foundation of my legacy. I hope that through these words I can transfer to those most susceptible an impression of hope.

When you think about this short life we have been afforded, with only so many decades to contribute, I feel a sense of urgency. I need to think ahead NOW!!!!! Before it is too late (and I either become obsolete, outdated, demented, or an obstruction to the progress of others). In an instant, I am removed from the problems of now! Poof. Gone in a millisecond. I am instantaneously free from the stress, the banter, the foolishness, the ignorance, the frustrations or the worries of now. Free to focus on the trajectory and how I am going to get to where I think we all, as a society, should be and how I can contribute to it‘ a advancement and prosperity. Ahhhh.... A very peaceful place indeed.

In my line of work, my “trade” as a physician and cosmetic surgeon, I encounter 10-20 individuals per day from all walks of life at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. They expose themselves to me in the context of a desire to change some element of their appearance. Exposing not only a body part but far more valued, their psychological condition associated with a desire for change, to alter one’s appearance. The range is broad but generally speaking (I hate generalizations), the expose their concerns to us and ask us to alter that concern toward some alternative, hopefully a more ideal alternative that what they presented with. Although I am present physically to address this issue with my craft (Ranging from Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, to Breast Augmentation), I am focused on their future, their love for themselves, the love they feel from others and how this change will effect their lives. It’s all about the trajectory.

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