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Mommy Makeover in.... Mexico? Don't be tempted - Stay Local!

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Let's talk Mommy Makeover and Mexico!

A Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic procedure most commonly consisting of the following areas of the body - Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) and a Boob Job or Breast Lift (breast augmentation or augmentation mastopexy). The name of this procedure is appealing to the mommies of the world because after pregnancy, your breasts have usually shrunk and are a little sad and your abdomen in a little more fluffy and saggy than preferred. We all want the pre-baby body back! Another bonus? All of those stretch marks under your belly button might just be thrown in the trash (medical waste preferably). The breast procedure consists of rotation of the nipple and a tuck of the breasts to reposition them higher, an implant is then added to give a perkier and fuller appearance if desired. The abdominal procedure removes excess skin in the abdominal area that sits low in the bikini line. Liposuction in done in both the upper and lower abdomen. The abdominal skin is then pulled REALLY tight with repair of any muscle separation. We give extensive post-op instructions such as how long to wear your compression garment, drain removal, recovery time, and when you're released to get back to exercising. Here at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we offer this procedure. There's no need to find a surgeon in Mexico!

The real reason I wanted your attention........Medical Tourism 

The Mommy Makeover procedure is offered in Mexico at a substantially lower price. The biggest reason that this is not ideal to our surgeons is because there's no ability for continuity and follow up. After surgeries in our office, ESPECIALLY MOMMY MAKEOVERS, we have an extensive follow up plan for our patients. We generally like to see our patients the next morning after surgery, one week, one month, three months, six months, and even one year post-op. The reasons we do this is to ensure satisfaction on both the patient and surgeon's side. Life happens and bacteria is present in this world, like everywhere, and although unfortunate, sometimes infections can occur. When this does happen, you just come into our office and receive care - sometimes as simple as a clean bandage or as extensive as a wound vac. Can you imagine getting an infection and then trying to fly back to Mexico multiple times a month for your surgeon to check you out? Oh wait, they won't. And unfortunately, some surgeons in the United States refuse to perform revisions or provide wound care to those who had surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, or while we are on the topic, even Miami or San Diego. 

Enough about infection, let's talk about other reasons patients return to their cosmetic surgeon. Here's a few - delayed healing, excessive bruising, intolerable pain, dissatisfaction, scar revisions. Want to know what Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates will do? ADDRESS IT. Sometimes deep bruising is actually a hematoma. This is a collection of blood that is too large for the body to absorb as a bruise and might need to be drained. Some patients pain tolerance is lower than others, this requires an adjustment in medications. Unhappy with the end result? Come in and let's talk about it.

One more BIG KICKER - Body Mass Index or BMI (measure of body fat based on height and weight).

Here at CSA, we calculate BMIs for each and every patient who comes to us for a consultation, both online and in person. We do this because a patient's BMI is a good indicator for their health and wellbeing during and after surgery. It gives us an idea of probability of wound break down, infections, or even intra-operative issues such as an airway closure. We normally do not perform surgery on patients with a BMI over 35. If you are over this number, we have a conversation at length about lifestyle changes, the amount of weight needed to lose in order to get down to an acceptable number for us, and we offer support throughout the process, including referrals for weight loss surgery.  Mexico? They don't even calculate this. As the consultation nurse, I have seen consultation after consultation who comes in for a second consultation with us because they're unsure about traveling to another country for surgery. The first question I ask is their height and weight to determine their BMI. The SECOND question is whether or not anyone has spoke to them about this at their last consultation. The repeated answer? "I don't even know what that is."

"But it's cheaper in Mexico."

Probably. But its incredibly unsafe.

However, at CSA, you are under the care of triple board certified surgeons with extensive training. Our surgeons are confident, thorough, and precise. They are adamant about following up with patients, squeezing them into their busy schedules to check an incision to ease the minds of their patients, and they are understanding and accommodating when the expectations and needs of the patients aren't met. Also, Confidence is Priceless ;).

Come see us for a consultation, either in person or online.

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Remember if you are looking for a mommy makeover Mexico is not the only option!

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