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Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Many women choose to have breast augmentation to boost their confidence, restore their post-baby bodies, or achieve more ideal proportions. If you have decided to have this cosmetic surgery in Oklahoma City, your first step will be consulting a surgeon to review all of your options and learn if you are a good candidate. As your surgery date approaches, you will want to complete a few tasks to better prepare and ensure the best possible outcome.

Stick to a Healthy Routine

You will want your body to be healthy and strong for surgery, so in the weeks prior to your breast augmentation procedure, you should follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. If you smoke, take steps toward quitting, since smoking can significantly increase your risk of infection following surgery.

Complete Prerequisite Medical Screenings

Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know which screenings are necessary prior to surgery, and these may include a psychological screening, blood test, and physical with your primary physician. You may also need to evaluate the medications that you currently take—both prescription and over-the-counter drugs—and discuss whether you should continue until your surgery.

Consider What to Expect

Having realistic expectations is important for any cosmetic procedure, so be sure that you have talked to your surgeon about what to expect not only in your recovery but also in the final results of your procedure. If you have chosen saline implants, you may notice that your breasts have a different texture and feel than you’re used to. Silicone implants can be a preferred alternative, because they have a softer and more natural feel. With either type of implant, you may have tightness and heaviness in your chest in the beginning of your recovery, and you should prepare to limit physical activity as your body adjusts to the implants and heals from surgery.

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