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The 4-1-1 On the Fox Eye

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The Aesthetic Society reports that in 2020, during a global pandemic, patients spent more than $9.3 billion on cosmetic procedures; $6 billion on surgical, and over $3 billion on non-surgical options.  One of the trends to emerge from our planetary shut-down was the fox eye. If you have no idea what it is, you are not alone.  The term “fox eyes” denotes a trend of lifted, almond-shaped eyes that appear more mysterious than wide open like the classic “cat eye.”  While this look can be achieved with makeup techniques, both surgical (permanent) and non-surgical (semi-permanent) options exist.  Whatever your overall goals may be, Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates can help you achieve them.  We have these options available:

PDO or PLGA Threads:  Polydioxanone (PDO) or Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA) threads can be utilized to pull the eyes into the preferred position. This procedure is non-surgical, takes about an hour, and offers minimal downtime. Our practitioner will numb the treatment areas with local anesthetic and insert tiny threads underneath the skin. These threads then lift the area around the eyes. Although threads are more commonly used to remove smile lines or provide a lift to the mid-facial area, this procedure could also effectively achieve the desired fox eyes. The results typically last for up to four months.  Pricing starts at $3,000.

Chemical Brow Lift: A brow lift raises your eyebrows to tighten the skin around your eyes. Brow lifts are most often achieved through injectables such as Botox®.  The lift usually takes up to 40 units, and the results are temporary, usually lasting around 3 months.  Pricing is about $500, and typically has no recovery time. 

Blepharoplasty (upper/lower eyelid surgery): This surgical procedure is best for patients who want to permanently change the shape of their eye, as it removes excess skin and lifts the corner of the eye upwards. Pricing runs about $3,555 for upper or lower lids, both sides, and is performed with light IV sedation and local anesthesia.

Temporal Browlift: This surgical procedure is performed in the hair of the temporal area and allows us to lift and elevate the hooding or lateral portion of the eye. Results are often permanent, certainly lasting in excess of 10 years. Pricing is around $4,325 and the procedure is performed with light IV sedation and local anesthesia.

Fox eyes, like a lot of popular trends, won’t last forever.  For example, lips are already returning to a more natural state, rather than the overinflated “Russian Lip” fad of recent years.  While Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates absolutely respects everyone’s cosmetic goals, this is one fad to be careful with—if only for the fact that the skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile. Younger patients might be able to produce the collagen and elastin to pull off the look, and frankly, to heal better.  Older patients will have naturally less elastic skin around the eyes, and may even have limited results without additional procedures, fat augmentation or injectables.  

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