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The Gold Standard In Skincare

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Anne Parker, LE is our in-house Aesthetician.  We encourage you to schedule a skincare consultation (these are FREE) and discuss your concerns. Anne is wonderful and will make some helpful options to treat those concerns.  Let’s get that #bestfaceforward for summer started NOW! 

This week: RETINOL!

If I were to pick one product to improve the aging process it would be from the Retinol family. I would suggest starting this product in your 30’s, but really any age is the ideal time, because Retinol is the Gold Standard in skincare.

Retinol (nonprescription) and Tretinoin (prescription) topicals have been around for decades. When starting a Retinol or Tretinoin regime, I recommend using the product only 2-3 times a night for several weeks to allow your skin time to acclimate. The strength and potency of the topical varies, but I suggest starting with a lower concentration and increasing gradually if needed.

As we age, our skin’s cell production slows down, collagen and elastin degrade which causes sagging and duller-looking skin. Retinoic acids help:

1. Kickstart our cells to renew (ups collagen and elastin production)

2. Increasing collagen density 

3. Improving texture 

4. Minimizing the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines 

5. Improves acne 

Retinols have endless benefits that help keep our skin looking more youthful and healthier!

Prescription Retinoic acids are more potent and faster acting, though non prescription Retinols can be less irritating.  The nonprescription products take a little longer to see results but are still effective in stimulating collagen production. They both increase cell turnover (the peeling and shedding process) which can last up to 12 -18 weeks for some. You may start to notice fine lines diminish and skin roughness reduced after just 4 weeks. The key here is to not stop using the Retinol. 

Are there are some challenges to using Retinol? Yes. You may experience increased redness and dry, flaky skin but PLEASE persist! You will start to see significant changes at 120 days. Don’t’ give up!  Skin can become more vulnerable to the sun and must be well protected from UV exposure. It is important to faithfully use a quality sunscreen while using a Retinol.  You cannot wax your face while using Retinol or Tretinoin. These products should also not be used by pregnant or nursing women. 

My favorite Retinol products we offer at CSA are Dr. Courtney’s Perfect 10 Retinol Serum and SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5.  Both improve my face’s texture and improve my fine lines and wrinkles.  I can also report that they tighten my pores and even out my skin tone.

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