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FAQ's | How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size? | Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

This video is Dr. Nuveen explaining the process of choosing your implants size.

Breast Implant Sizes

All right, so, in the topic of breast augmentation surgery, we were just discussing the fact that probably the most frequent question we get from patients prior to that procedure is, "How in the world do I pick the right size for me?" And it's actually a very, very simple process. We have over a 99.9% acceptance rate of satisfaction, with the size that the patient chooses. And you hear how I said that, the patient chooses it. So, what do we do? We trial size some implants that are very close to what we expect to be an ideal fit for the patients height and weight and goals, and we place them in to a bra and we place them in to various items of clothing. And we ask them what they like? 

Based upon the size that they choose, we use that as a reference to the size we give. So, if a person for example, liked a 300 CC implant, it's very common for us to give a 330 or even a 360 CC implant, in order to compensate for some of the issues that occur during surgery. So, it is almost universal that will go up in size from what a patient picks, off of the counter for example. So, that process takes 45 seconds, sometimes a minute to do, and yields about 99% plus satisfaction. 


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