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Teesa, 37, Breast Augmentation with Lift, Axillaplasty*

Teesa's Story   

I was looking for a doctor to fix a reduction that I was needing to be done desperately. I looked into Dr. Nuveen.

Dr. Nuveen knows what he's talking about. When I went in, every concern that I had, Dr. Nuveen listened to it. He responded with what he thought would be the best thing that would work for me and I took his advice and it worked out great.

My first consultation that I had was over the phone and by the internet and it went great. When I went on my visit with Dr. Nuveen, it was very relaxing. The girls made me so comfortable. Every question I had was answered. Dr. Nuveen let me know that he wasn't in it for money. That wasn't his reason to make me look better. He was doing it because I wanted to do it. 

I asked him and showed him the things that I needed to be healed in my life. With and through Dr. Nuveen, I was healed.

I really love Dr. Nuveen's office and the girls and they were a part of something that was an amazing experience. I get to tell a story. I get to tell other people what an opportunity it is to walk into a place when you're insecure and you're down and you just need that uplift. You just need to feel like a woman again.

Cosmetic Surgery has transformed my life in so many ways. I have children. As a mother, all women know that it changes your body and I'm so grateful and I am able to share that experience with women all the time. I get asked all the time what my procedure was, the before and afters and I love that I get to share that experience with everyone. I just thank the Dr. Nuveen so much and I thank you for letting me be a part of all of this. Thanks, Dr. Nuveen!


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